Sorcery! 3 by @InkleStudios for PC and interview at @indieorama

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sorcery3-icon@2xToday, Inkle Studios has just released <em>Sorcery! 3</em> for PC and Mac, and just less than two months ago they released <em>Sorcery!</em> 1 and 2. This is, no doubt, a new great opportunity for experiencing the classic series by Steve Jackson in the best possible adaptation: in the big screen of our computers.

So, I’ve interviewed Jon Ingold at Indie-o-rama for the occasion.

Absolutely nothing new, at least regarding content, comparing to the apps. The details and extra material you have come to love are of course there. But the adaptation to desktop systems has been done with special care: illustrations and maps in high definition look like never before. The interface, icons, everything fits well. And better yet, Inkle has recorded new songs with orchestra to improve the musical ambiance of the three parts. So those who have already played the apps via cell phone, they will enjoy new music and preciousness of high definition.

Sorcery! 3 Map

The main change is the interface. In addition to playing with the mouse, Inkle have created a system of keyboard shortcuts that works pretty well. Seriously, the most comfortable way to play these versions is to use the keyboard. With the arrow keys and the enter you can select the actions to perform, tab key alternate between different points on the mapl, and of course, spells are entered directly from the keyboard, letter by letter. Ideal.

In the interview, I catch up with how the Inkle boys are doing. Two words: very well. We talked about the technological wonders that have made possible to see Inkle games on other platforms and how it’s going with the other projects of the study. Sorcery! 4  is coming your way, and they are working on a completely new and original game, and a little bit about the Inkle’s philosophy for Interactive Fiction.

Buy the game at Inkle Studios website.

Read the interview with Jon Ingold at Indie-o-rama


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