Z Files: Infection – Comic, gamebook and interactive fiction

ZFiles_Infection_Comic_gamebook_and_interactive_fictionA Kickstarter for a new spanish digital gamebook has recently been created. Or, instead of “gamebook”, this time we could speak of an interactive comic, with a really good looking graphic style reminiscent of Mike Mignola (Hellboy).

An 18 year old guy in his last year of high school suddenly wakes up to a zombie apocalypse. Help him find his brother, trapped inside a mall in a very different city than the one whe left before going to sleep! Think horror, comedy and lots of zombies.

As the kickstarter page says:

ZFiles_Infection_Comic_gamebook_and_interactive_fictionZ Files: Infection is an interactive fiction work based on the gamebook of the same name directed by Fernando Lafuente and Jacobo Feijóo with several other authors. It is set in a world ravaged by the zombie apocalypse. When the project came to us, we had the idea of making a digital gamebook version that would go far beyond the traditional gamebook. This is why with the invaluable help of our artistic director Francis Porcel we have decided to create a video game that explores a unique style that is not commonly seen in digital gamebooks: the interactive comic.

The game will follow the latest trends in Interactive Fiction, developed by some of the most influential studios and games in this kind of media, like 80 Days, Sorcery! (Inkle Studios), Fallen London and Sunless Sea (Failbetter Games).

With Z Files we have focused on short texts with choices that will make the reading of the game much more dynamic, be it on a small or a large screen. It will also focus on interactivity, so that the destiny of our adventure is built step by step, action by action. The player is always free to choose which path the hero should take.

You can learn more about this project in the KICKSTARTER page.

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