“The Big Adventure of the Little Gremlin”, by Nikola Raykov

international.librojuegos.orgToday I’m going to talk about a very different kind of gamebook to the ones I am used to. It’s “The Big Adventure of the Little Gremlin“, by Nikola Raykov a gamebook written for children ages 3 to 8. There have been gamebooks written for young children, but this is one of the first I see for children this young.

The story talks about a small gremling who lives in the forest, and suddenly discovers that the winter is going to arrive and… there won’t be that much food to eat! So this little guy starts a big quest in search of, you’ve guessed it, lots and lots of things to eat during the winter. And there he must go, travelling to one of several places in his magic world: the Big Mountain, the Deep River, the Dark Cave, the Enchanted Forest or even the Houses of Humans.

international.librojuegos.orgAnd each path he takes, leading to twenty different endings, is a complete joy to read. Playfully written, full of word plays and humour, the book is not only enjoyable to kids, but even I was able to enjoy reading these stories enormously. And each and every one of these pages is illustrated beautifully by a lot of different artists (Including the author!). Every page of this book speaks of a work of love.

If you have kids, and want to find a different way to play together that allows them to take choices and see their consequences, think no more. If you are a gamebook fan, and want to share with your children what makes interactive literature so special, this is a good chance.

Also, surprisingly for a product this good, you can download it COMPLETELY FOR FREE from its website.

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  1. Thank you Pablo!

    This book is indeed a work of love.
    My son was 3 and 1/2 years old when I wrote it for him. 🙂

  2. PabloBcn

    It shows! I am telling all my friends with children about your book 😉

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