The Kickstarter of “The Frankenstein Wars” begins, by @CubusGames

The_Kickstarter_of_“The_Frankenstein_Wars”_begins,_by_@CubusGamesThe Kickstarter of the new gamebook for mobile platforms by catalan developers Cubus games has recently been released. It started as an original idea by Dave Morris the author of such amazing works as Heart of Ice, Bloodsword, or the co-author of Fabled Lands, written by Paul Gresty, also with a good number of important gamebooks in his curriculum (Arcana Agency: the Thief of Memories, The ORPHEUS Ruse). With these credentials, it is obvious that something very special is being conceived.

The Frankenstein Wars“, as the sinopsis says, tells us a story about:The_Kickstarter_of_“The_Frankenstein_Wars”_begins,_by_@CubusGames

Tom and Anton Clerval have long guarded the secret to Victor Frankenstein’s resurrection technology. In revolutionary France, in 1827, that secret at last comes to light. The radical Zeroiste movement creates an army of the reanimated dead to seize control of the country, and then to cross the Channel to strike at the heart of the British Empire. Only Tom and Anton have the power to halt the Zeroistes – or to stoke the flames of all-out war. Decide the fate of the world in this enhanced interactive adventure in the same vein as classic series such as Fighting Fantasy or Choose Your Own Adventure.

The Kickstarter page talks about a game in which we can explore interactive maps, direct the two main characters in a non-linear story, choose between several objectives or even directo whole batallions in a battle. Time will have its importance, as it will affect if we can finish the storylines or not, and even the changing climatology will have its effect in our actions.

The graphical aspect, thanks to the good work of the artist from Girona Rafater (Rafa Teruel), is superb, as you can see in the images of this article.

The Frankenstein Wars” seems an interesting and ambitious project, and with this team, what can possibly go wrong?

You can find the Kickstarter page HERE

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