Build an Interactive Story App with @treehouse

Build_an_Interactive_Story_App_with_@treehouseTreehouse is an online interactive education platform that offers courses in web, mobile and business development. It surprised me to find in their library a specific course called “Build an Interactive Story App”. That’s right! A course on how to build a choose-your-own-adventure kind of app, complete with illustrations.

It goes step by step, developing an example story called “Signals from Mars”, an app you can find in Google Play for free – several times, seemingly for all the students that uploaded it when making their tests. The story is a very short and simple CYOA with illustrations, about a ship receiving the mysterious signal mentioned in the title. The illustrations look cool, though.

The course, designed for people who have already some basic notions on Android, teaches how to process user input, design the structure of our story and give the finishing touches to our user interface. It seems a good opportunity for those – like me – who secretly wanted to bring some new stories to your phone. Now you don’t have any excuse to get those creative juices flowing!

You can find the course HERE.

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